AM 540 AM December 24 – 28

Final full week of 2012 is here. Now’s as good a time as any to reflect back and we’ll be doing that this week on KRXA.  Also, I’ll be sharing my thoughts online and in print as well.

Ripping from the headlines, expect us to talk quite a bit about gun violence and ways to reduce it as well as the abject refusal of Republicans to agree to higher taxes on the wealthiest and most fortunate among us.

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We are experimenting with a new font thanks to a request from loyal listener and reader Susan.  Let me know your thoughts.

Because it’s a holiday week, we currently have a very limited schedule of guests. I have sent out some invitations and we’ll see if any are able join us.

Michelle will be hosting Thursday and Friday and next Monday and Tuesday as well.

Finally, I don’t say it enough but we can only bring you the best talk radio lineup anywhere without our wonderful sponsors, hosts, and you for supporting them.  Thank you so much.

Here’s what’s on tap this week:


Monday –

6 – 6:30 – The weekend news, in all its glory, recapped.

6:30 – Grove Market’s Lori Taylor makes your mouth water describing the delicious lunches and prepared foods available every day at KRXA’s longest-running sponsor.

8:30 – California’s 17th District Senator Bill Monning returns to the Morning Show next year.

Tuesday –

7 – 7:30 – Michelle Jackson presents the P.G. Perspective.

Wednesday –

8 – 9 – Articleman provides the finest analysis of the American political scene anywhere??

Thursday – Michelle Jackson hosts

7 – Adam Spickler Board President of Santa Cruz’s Diversity Center joins Michelle.

8 – Marshall Ramsey discusses the seriousness of skin cancer.

8:45 – Eric Peterson from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green??

Friday Free-for-all +Michelle Jackson hosts

7 – Nick Sudano of Ecology Action is on.

7:30 – Harish Tyler of Monterey County’s Media Center for Art, Education and Technology Foundation will be on with Michelle

8 – Dr. Vandana Shiva Indian philosopher, environmental activist and author


And, every morning the stock markets are open, at 8:33, we have the Integrated Wealth Counsel Market Report.  Learn more about award-winning Investment Advisor Integrated Wealth Counsel at

Thanks for being part of KRXA!

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  1. Michelle Jackson says:

    Friday at 6:30 Jen Gelhardt Development Officer for Interim will discuss mental health and provide us with statistics along with information about the services that are offered by Interim.

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