Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for all Americans

Yesterday Joan Walsh, Salon’s self-appointed Hillary Clinton advocate, criticized her primary primary opponent Bernie Sanders for failing to include police shootings of unarmed African-Americans as one of our major problems.

During the Ferguson protests last summer, Bernie Sanders told Ed Schultz on MSNBC:

When you see the kind of force that’s being used in Ferguson it really does make it appear that the police department there is an occupying army in a hostile territory, and that is absolutely not what we want to see in the United States. I think we gotta rethink a lot of this heavy equipment that police departments around the country are utilizing.

The second point is I hope what Ferguson teaches us is that not only the violence being perpetrated against young black men, but also the economic crisis facing black youth in this country.  Ed, youth unemployment in America is tragically high. It is twenty percent. African American youth unemployment is thirty-five percent. In the St. Louis area it is significantly higher than that, and if we are going to address the issue of crime in low income areas and in African-American areas, it might be a good idea that instead of putting heavy equipment into police departments in those areas, we start creating jobs for the kids there who desperately need them.

Good enough for you Joan?

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  1. Shade says:

    The Clinton ‘Charity’ Begins at Home. Employment rolls for the Clinton Foundation show scads of political operatives—but this doesn’t seem to bother the IRS.

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