Bernie Sanders “Together” – more important than ever!

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  1. Shade says:

    Hal, I’m sure you’ll agree that we should all come together as a nation and unite behind Trump – like the Republicans united behind Obama & Bill Clinton.

    I’m once again mad at Hillary, this time for not demanding ballot recounts herself — given that Republican-appointed judges are now interpreting that only she could have been “aggrieved” by a miscount and that Jill Stein therefore has no standing. Excuse me judge, but the main harm done by a miscount is not to the candidates themselves, but instead it is to the voters of which Jill Stein is one. Thus the courts should find that not only does any candidate have standing to request a recount, but for constitutional reasons, any significant number of voters can trigger a recount.

    Jill has an especially large reason to feel aggrieved by a miscount. It was her candidacy in combination with the miscount that likely cost Hillary the election. As Jill’s politics are a whole lot closer to Hillary’s than they are to Trump’s, Jill is probably feeling pretty aggrieved right now knowing (but not admitting to the public and perhaps not to herself) that her candidacy in this election ultimately only served to help Trump harm our environment and the peoples of this world.

    Judges also need to consider that voters and candidates alike have been aggrieved by the fact that our now future President repeatedly said during his campaign that the election was rigged. Then, in spite of what the vast majority of the polls and pundits were telling us, Trump unexpectedly won. Afterward, Trump tweeted that Hillary only won the popular voter count because millions had voted illegally. Then there has been the suggestion of foreign intervention and hacking combined with the numerous underhanded methods of voter suppression that Greg Palast and a few others have been telling us about for years (which is readily apparent to anybody who cares to look). For all the above reasons, all candidates and voters have plenty of reason to feel aggrieved. A forensic investigative recount should be requested and should occur in every state as far as I’m concerned. The United States itself demands this of other countries in similar circumstances, and if this does not occur, those countries are accused of being undemocratic.

    BTW, our country is currently claiming the holier than thou mantle in regards to Russia’s alleged but unproven interference in our recent election. I don’t think we have a leg to stand on, as our CIA has been conducting similar operations (and much worse) in other countries for decades – much of this in the former Soviet Block against the Russians. Even if the hacking that occurred during this election cycle did come from within Russia, it will he be difficult to determine how much of it came from the Russian state itself. Unlike with U.S. cyber-ops, the majority of Russian hackers are in the business to make money from whoever is willing (or unwilling but able) to pay, and there was plenty of that fuel available from within the U.S. that might have been used to purchase Russian-based services against the Democratic party. Most the Wikileaks released hacking during this election cycle came from a very few sources that were easily hacked by “spear phishing”. If the Russians had put their minds and resources to this, Hillary’s and a lot of other server contents would have been made public long ago and a lot more embarrassing and illegal activity content would have come out.

    Also, I don’t believe it behooves the U.S. to get into a cyber-war with Russia. Our infrastructure is much more reliant on high-tech than theirs, and unfortunately that has become a weakness, as we have not properly invested in securing this vulnerable infrastructure from hackers. Instead U.S. business and government often opts for the cheapest high-tech solution that works, and then the system often does not get upgraded for as long as it continues to work. Thus one goes into hospitals and business where computers are in use and sees that the operating system in use is obsolete and vulnerable (such as Windows XP). We in the U.S. thus have much more to lose than Russia in a hacking war. Therefore instead of going around making provocative accusations and threats of cyber-war counter-strikes, we need to focus our attention on upgrading and securing our technological infrastructure against such hacking. Unfortunately, as with the successfully implemented “spear phishing” attacks against those in the Democratic Party, there is always going to be the human element in cyber security that is very difficult to fully defend against — though even some aspects of that too can be improved.

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