Can/should we save the Kurds of Kobane?

I’m not one of those “if you broke it, you’ve got to fix it” types.  So even though the Cheney/Bush administration clearly created a favorable environment for the evolution of ISIL (I won’t call it ISIS since ISIS is a goddess of peace and love), that doesn’t mean we necessarily have to take it down.  Mostly because the law of unintended consequences and our history in the middle east says more American involvement probably means totalitarianism, destabilization, death, and impoverishment for Arabs.

That said if an identifiable group of people is poised to annihilate another group of people and we can save the second group, we have a moral duty to do so.  The problem here is I’m not sure how we can save the Kurds of Kobane.  Make the Turks intervene?  Do we have the power to do so?  Is it worth agreeing to help topple Bashar Al-Assad to secure Turkish aid?  Should we send in American ground troops?  Wouldn’t that possibly cause more harm than good?  There sure don’t seem to be any obvious answers.

I do have great respect for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  I have no idea what he recommends.  But my guess is the President would be well-served to heed his advice.

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