Explaining White Working-Class Republicans or why Bernie is Best

White working and middle-class people look at what the two major parties have done over the past 35 years and they see each one pursuing policies that assure one percent of the people get 50% of the pie. Republicans say in barely coded language that A) they will give non-affluent whites first dibs at the crumbs the rich leave behind while B) Democrats will give first dibs to blacks, immigrants, gays, and liburals (most of whom are in the 1% anyway).

Corporate democrats also basically tell white working people A) there’s nothing to be done about the 1/2 of our nation’s wealth that goes to the 1% and B) everybody else has to share what’s left in equal quantities. How big a surprise is then that so many white working voters support Republicans?

If you look at the free trade deals, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, Obama’s willingness to enter into a “grand bargain”, trying to convince white working Republicans they’ve doped this out wrong is tough sledding.

This is why Bernie is so crucial.  Unlike Hillary who has supported some of the very policies that have led to the extraordinary inequality we face now, Bernie really would take a big healthy chunk of the 1%’s slice and allocate it more fairly.  If we care about our nation’s future, we’ve got to back him.

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  1. Shade says:

    There is another reason to support Bernie. I don’t want to sound like Bob O here, but Dems have their head in the sand re Hillary’s legal and ethical woes re her email server. The only reason we don’t hear more about this is that Republicans are currently not looking the gift horse in the mouth too hard being that they are currently preoccupied with their own political infighting. As Trump recently said on the Jimmy Fallon show, “I haven’t even started on Hillary yet”. Don’t believe Hillary isn’t already facing the full brunt of attack? Look at what Bill got for lying about a BJ from a young woman who likely threw herself at him. I suspect few men could resist such advances and most would attempt to find a Clintonesque way to weasel their way out of trouble if afterward they were caught.

    Even absent politically motivated prosecutions, anybody that has ever dealt with sensitive govt info should instinctively know that the intelligence community can’t and won’t overlook Hillary’s cavalier mishandling of govt intelligence. At some point the FBI is going to finish its investigation and will likely recommend to the DOJ that Hillary face multiple-felonies re the classified info she illegally placed and retained on her unapproved, insecure server (probably for nefarious reasons). The FBI is also likely to recommend Hillary be charged for the lies and obstruction of justice that came after her private server was discovered. In addition, it is said that upon reviewing Hillary’s emails, the FBI discovered there was a high correlation between those who donated to the Clinton foundation (or paid Bill large speaking fees) & those that received favorable treatment or contracts from the Department of State. On this issue the FBI may not need to prove actual pay-for-play was occurring, only that the DOS did not follow established procedures in such matters and that Hillary did not sufficiently isolate herself from the perception of impropriety. The Clinton’s aren’t going to get any love if Republicans have anything to say about it and remember that the head of the FBI and much of the intelligence community are Republicans.

    If Hillary implodes before the election (as I think is likely), Bernie’s biggest hurdle may well be the CorpraDem that party powers will then push forward. Am I crazy? Well the scenario I paint is a lot more realistic than the crazy conspiracy theories I cringe to hear about re the buildings that fell during 9/11. And thankfully, unlike with 9/11, within the next few months (or years at the most), I will be proven right or the issue will disappear. Prepare for me to post a big “I told you so!”. In the meantime though, Bernie is doing a nice job and following the best strategy available to him at this moment, i.e. build a formidable following such that it would split the party too widely to promulgate another candidate upon Hillary’s demise. Just to show that my thinking isn’t that far off the mark, here is a well-written article that about says it all: http://original.antiwar.com/andrew-p-napolitano/2016/01/14/two-smoking-guns/ Keep in mind that even a broken clock is right twice a day and that most Democrates currently have their head placed well in the sand (if not elsewhere) on this issue.

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