Halcast 2

Great conversation with “Listen to Cliston” Brown and Danny “Thoughtwrestler” Cardwell about the Democratic Party’s (and our) woes.

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5 Responses to Halcast 2

  1. Jeff Linder says:

    Another liberal telling the people that it is the liberal, not the voter, that knows what’s best for voter.

  2. halginsberg says:

    Not at all. We – especially Sanders – are urging the Democratic Party to listen to and try to respond to the economic concerns of the voters who have abandoned the party in droves.

    Thanks for listening and commenting Jeff.

    • Jeff Linder says:

      Not at all? I suggest you listen to your own podcast. I believe it was around the 20 minute mark and it was Mr Cardwell.

      • halginsberg says:

        I won’t argue with you. All of us have a tendency sometimes to believe we know what’s best for others. I certainly do fall prey to that. I think Bernie Sanders, more than any other American politician, pushed policies that leave people as free as possible.

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