Hal’s Letter to the Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/22/12

As owner of a competing station, I sympathize with the dilemma that KSCO faces with Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh recently spent nine unbearably sexist radio hours attacking a female law student dishonestly and as nastily as possible. Still, KSCO airs non-conservative programs. Does this fact coupled with progressive Ed Schultz’s use of the same term that brought Rush such opprobrium justify Limbaugh’s toxic presence on central coast airwaves? Not in my opinion. Limbaugh’s show forestalls intelligent discussion. He twists or ignores facts. Worse, Limbaugh attempts to dehumanize political opponents like Sandra Fluke. Most view his half-hearted apology to her as insincere and business-driven. In contrast, the day after insulting Laura Ingraham, Schultz offered a tearful heart-felt apology. Unlike Fluke, Ingraham was well-positioned to protect herself. For these reasons, the Limbaugh defense fails and Monterey Bay’s airwaves should be cleansed of his noisome stench.

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  1. Arlen says:

    Replacing Rush at KSCO would be the responsible thing to do. But considering Rush’s high ratings, and Kay Zwerling’s ultra-conservative views, it probably won’t happen. Yet, with the fleeing of advertisers from Rush, it is more likely than ever they might consider such a move. We can hope.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s a dangerous course when we suggest opinions should be cleansed. Words should be met with words.
    Not with calls of censorship. We are all hypocrites of our own design with our personal desires placed at the front of the line. I remember Hal defending the plight of the illegal alien in attaining employment. But, I wonder if Hal’s philosophy would be so generous if he had to directly compete with a competitor that didn’t have to play by the rules.

  3. Colonel Terry says:


    Your on-target and very accurate letter to the Sentinel Newspaper regarding Limbaugh was Excellent and factually correct.

    Limbaugh is a national embarrassment—who cheapens and damages our National Dialogues and he denies millions of Americans truthful, factually accurate, and balanced commentary.

    Limbaugh is a Liar and a Prevaricating Propagandist for the current neoconservative Right-Wing Corporate-Religio-Fascists.

    He keeps his regular audience of Shallow Thinking Ditto-Heads and millions of Misinformed Simpletons—by his pandering exploitation of their under-educated biased ignorance [like his own], their irrational prejudices, and their fearful-insecurities regarding REALITY about such things as—the scientifically validated impacts of human caused pollution influencing plus also aggravating damaging Climate Change; acknowledging the real historical contributions of political Progressives and Liberals into making the USA much better for all of us.

    I propose that All we Thinking Informed Intelligent Americans inform advertisers—that we will, for certain, boycott and avoid making purchases from any advertiser supporting Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

    Hoping KRXA 540AM acquires All of Limbaugh’s former and any remaining Central Coast advertisers soon.

    Wishing You and KRXA Every Success,

    Colonel Terry

  4. Jan says:

    “Censorship” means actively interrupting a free flow of dialogue or programming. It does *not* mean continually evaluating the selection of programming you choose to offer, removing it if it’s not in synch with your station’s objective.

    The same can be said about removing Limbaugh’s show from Armed Forces Network – they have tens of thousands of options to add to their programming lineup, but their stated policy is to select shows with high ratings stateside.

    It’s not “censorship” to remove his show and replace it with one that doesn’t besmirch 1/3 of your audience or launch daily verbal assaults against the Commander in Chief. “Censorship” would be banning soldiers, etc., from finding ways to access Limbaugh’s content from independent sources.

    • Dave says:

      Censor in it’s simplest terms means to remove. Sure you can preform a word dance around what constitutes censorship. But the result is the same.

  5. Mike says:

    It. Is not just Rush Limbaugh. KSCO now has this vile person named Georgia reporting false internet stories as news and fortunately being called out by an informed caller. She goes on Racist tirades and even said on air that business owners should be able to deny service to black people and Jews. When a caller asked if she thought MZ would agree she said yes. Years of listening to this station undermining our country and putting our troops at additional risk in their support of torture made me hopeful that common sense would prevail and their station would eventually go under.

    I am not for censorship in either case, Their choices only demonstrate that KSCO lacks integrity, and eventually enough people will realize this and they will become even more irrelevant than they are now.. I think their only saving grace currently is Rosemary Chalmers.. If it is a young audience they are trying to appeal to having these racist shows on is not the way to go.

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