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July 2015

Thursday’s Morning Show from the
Monterey studios of (7/30/15)

Emerging threat expert Robert Scribbler
and I discuss the worsening threat of anthropogenic
global warming and what we can do about it. (7/29/15)

Friend of Hal Arlen Grossman and I discuss
the Iran nuclear deal, the mass killing of four
marines, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. (7/17/15)

MD Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez discusses
mass shootings, Trump, public education and much more. (7/17/15)

Zac Petkanas from Media Matters
on Fox’s war on Planned Parenthood. (7/16/15)

Paul Kawika Martin from Peace Action Network
discusses the pros of the Iran peace agreement. (7/16/15)

“Catholic” Jack discusses his articles
on the Iran nuclear deal and
Pope Francis’s environmentalism. (7/15/15)

Executive Director Jason Czarnezki of
Pace University’s Environmental Law Program. (7/15/15) co-founder Madison
and Benjamin Feinblum discuss their efforts to
support progressive Democrats in local and state races. (7/14/15)

Thursday’s Morning Show. Nashville Carl says I’m too hard on Hillary and much more. (7/9/15)

Wednesday’s Morning Show. More on the Democratic primaries, economic justice, and global warming. (7/8/15)

Tuesday’s Morning Show. Focus is on Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. (7/7/15)

Monterey City Councilman Alan Haffa on 1) immigrants, guns, and crime, 2) Monterey wharf leases, 3) California’s water crisis. (7/6/15)

Friday’s complete Morning Show. (7/3/15)

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  1. Shade says:

    I hope you really meant to include the Forums but I fear you just got a bit too carried away with copying the old KRXA webpage code. If Forums on this site are for real, pls post some rules so we don’t run afoul & make you feel you must take EVERYTHING down again. Can I at least post a link that automatically allows your audience to make their own show recordings on the cloud at DAR.FM? Can I post complete show archives?

    Unfortunately, it is hard to find time to post just the entire show, and cleaning out other people’s potentially copyrighted content is just too time consuming. If you give me a private link to your feed to, I could record & post just your show’s content. While it would leave gaps, it would solve the copyright problem & dead-air is also easier to find & edit out later (perhaps I could automate this).

    Even more preferably, you could post archives yourself. What I did before was set up TapinRadio to record KRXA; I then had TapinRadio drop the files to a folder on a public website.

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