The Mailed Fist

Republicorp unveiled its mailed fist in the Badger State this evening as it attempted to crush a nascent pro-democracy movement in the United States.  Claiming that a quorum was unnecessary since eviscerating a half-century of workers’ rights supposedly didn’t relate to the appropriation of state funds, Republicorp jammed through the pro-Koch brothers anti-American bill for which it has been salivating.  Repulicorp understands what far too many Democrats don’t, winning is what counts.  Chinks in Republicorp’s armor began to show as the Wisconsin impasse dragged on, Americans began to wonder whether they could opt out of Republicorp, Koch-Walker-Boehner-McConnell might not be all powerful after all.  Republicorp bared its fangs and bit hard.  Will we can we fight back?  We have seen the enemy, we know the enemy, this enemy knows only how to attack.  To defeat it, we must fight back just as hard and just as long.  We must confront its cynicism and dishonesty relentlessly and head-on. The world is at stake.

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  1. fia says:

    Hey Hal,

    Recall each and everyone of them, and those that are not yet eligible for recall, let them know their seat is also in jeopardy. They have to know that we mean business. And this will not be forgotten or forgiven. The world is on fire! And it is up to us to change it. I believe we can!!! I’m rooting for us to ultimately prevail, we simply have no choice.

  2. fia says:

    I’m back, I’m listening to Malloy and he is on fire. He wants to know what the people of Wisconsin are going to do? He says what’s going to take before the people of this country say THAT’S IT.


  3. Shawn says:

    We will have to see if the weak and feckless Democrats will get a spine or not. But this Cheap Labor Conservatives assault will finally push the Democrats too far and they fight back.

  4. Frank in San Diego says:

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I am this close to going Independent next election, or Libertarian if our fearful Democrats in congress don’t get a spine. Let’s unite and put the repukes back in the minority with actions and get out to vote in ’12. Fight back!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Kudos to Hal, Malloy, Ed (I’m projecting)!

    I am so sick of typing UNBELIEVABLE. I am making a macro.

    What does rolling back simple stuff like pushing recyclables, fluorescent lightbulbs etc. have to with job creation? If anything I would think it is job killing. When are people going to expect Republican’s to actually do their jobs properly?

  6. Denica says:

    Well, if there is any question in your mind of the difference between Dem and Repub – which there Are differences – the workers being attacked by the right-wing $$ machine should wake everyone up. We need everyone in the Dem party to act like WI Dems. SHAME WALKER!

  7. Arlen says:

    Will the Democrats in Congress get a spine and fight back? I’m afraid not. With the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United, corporations can spend as much money as they want to elect candidates. Democrats, including Obama, understand they must please corporate America in order to keep their jobs. We can’t count on them.

    Change will happen only if we go to the streets like they do in other countries, as well as build a strong bottom-up movement of working people. I wish it were otherwise, but wishes aren’t enough. The system is rigged.

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