Whither Media?

Whether he wins or loses in November, Donald Trump will receive well over 40% of the votes of Americans. His strongest support is from those without college degrees. Yet none of the top newspapers with which I have at least a passing familiarity – NYT, WaPo, USA Today, SF Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, LA Times – have, to my knowledge, even one Trump supporter on their editorial staff. Now, that’s fine. His record demonstrates unfitness to be President.

But shouldn’t the influencers at these (still) influential papers be willing to delve, without condescension, arrogance and accusations of bigotry, into why so many of America’s have-nots have abandoned both the Democratic Party and more traditional Republicans like Nikki Haley? Shouldn’t they wonder in print whether the fault lies at least in part with the policies of the elites who pull the strings in Washington? Shouldn’t affluent highly-educated media big shots question why their own superiority complex and self-serving wokeness turns off so many people who are barely making it – if they’re making it at all. Just wonderin’.

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  1. I agree, Hal. The Democrats are in need of major soul-searching and repair. I’m not sure they are ready for it.

    • the lesser rusty says:

      Roosevelt’s capitalism has been gamed, and it feels like doom’s in the air on multiple levels, if so only because both parties cannot escape the power of corporate money.
      IMO, the reagan-era stock-buyback deregulation and the Bork recast of Antitrust Law launched this 1%er frenzy.
      How can the Executive and a Congress get a bill out and signed in the face of money-power and the Money-SCOTUS?
      Working people are under wealthy pressure, and want to join the wealth class.
      Everyone wants to eat roast beef…

  2. the lesser rusty says:

    Why not a balanced staffing situation?
    Maybe because the average educated rightist will come from some square of a vast quilt retrograde positions.
    Even if they each only have one standard m.t. greene position in their CV of normalcy, add up all the weirdness of the ‘non-woke’ staff, and they’d end up with a 50% wall of lunacy.
    There’d be constant fires for management to put out for on-the-job and extracurricular production.
    It’d be like hiring a placekicker to give a commencement speech.

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