The Morning Show October 26 – 30

halJust when I (and everybody else) was getting ready to stick a fork in Bernie Sanders, he comes roaring back.  Check out today’s CBS/YouGov polls from New Hampshire (Sanders +15) and Iowa (Sanders -3).  Bernie’s also within 5 in the Badger state according to Wisconsin Public Radio poll released Friday.  Maybe, things will get even more interesting in the next few week on the Democratic side.

Despite my goal of posting two long-form articles at each week, there’s only one new one up since Sunday but it’s a good one if I do say so myself.  If you haven’t yet, check out the Beauty of High Marginal Taxes on the 1% right here.  I did write a second long-form piece but submitted it this morning to the Wall Street Journal as a letter to the editor.  I’ll publish it as soon as the Journal does or rejects it.

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Monday (times below are Pacific) –

6 – 9 – Weekend recap and news.

Tuesday –

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

Thursday –

7:30 – A Media Matters representative may join us to cast a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8:45 – “Green Eric” Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

8 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Lifestyle Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald online and every month in the Foolish Times.

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  1. John says:

    Bernie undoubtedly got constructive feedback on that first debate and he took off the gloves at the Iowa dinner and let Hillary have it. Look for him to come out swinging in round 2. It’s on now!!

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